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We are a company based in Belo Horizonte-MG, composed of professionals working for over 30 years in providing solutions, services and equipment for hydroelectric power plants, substations, irrigation system and dam, and have already performed more than 800 projects throughout the history life.

Brief history and trajectory of All Energy and its engineers:



All Energy is a company that offers consolidated technology Engineering services, equipment supply, installation and operation of hydro, wind and solar plants. Engineering solutions and quality based on training, accumulated experience and qualification of its professionals, consolidating expertise and operational practices aligned to the higher demands of the generation segment like Hydraulic, Solar, Biomass and Wind. Expertise:

·   Feasibility studies, basic and executive projects;

· Optimized proposals developed under experienced under review, aiming economy in the implementation of projects;

·  Capacity and quality in the provision of engineering services, manufacturing details of electromechanical equipment and electromechanical auxiliary;

·   Supply of electrical and mechanical equipment for hydropower, PCH, wind, solar plants, biomass revamping, transmission lines and substations;

·  Modernization, rehabilitation and repowering of hydroelectric plants with frequency conversion, using own or in partnership with traditional hydraulic technology laboratories.


All Energy is a Brazilian company supplier of electromechanical equipment and services ("Water to Wire") for hydropower projects. The company also works the concept "Turn-key", providing control systems for automation, of any kind of hydroelectric plants and PCH.


All Energy has highly skilled professionals, including engineers, designers and technicians, all working to provide complete assistance and technical guarantee in developing projects and supplies customized by projects and supply or EPC Turn-Key.


The successful link between technology and experience, with the most powerful digital resources, qualify All Energy as a supplier of equipment in domestic and international market. By our own technology and team, as well as when necessary and applied, by strong and traditional partnership with small and big manufacturers, we have excellence in the following supplies:


Hydropower and SHP plants:

· Hydraulic turbines: Francis, Kaplan, bulb and Pelton (vertical and horizontal);

· Generators;

· Gates: Emergency stop logs, trash racks and spillway;

· Safety control valves;

· Hydro mechanical equipment in general;

· Gantry, cranes and trash racks cleaning machines;

· Auxiliary Mechanical Systems;

· Electrical Auxiliary Systems;

· Automation and Supervision System;

· Protection and Measurement System;

· Transmission lines;

· Substations (GIS, AIS).

Valvula Borboleta La Higuera
PCH Agua Limpa
La Higuera - Chile
Caixa Espiral - PCH Buriti
SE Elevadora - 01 - PCH AGUA LIMPA
UHE Corumba III
QDGCA Interno - Frontal - PCH AREIA
PCH Apucaraninha
La Higuera - Chile


The continuous improvement of our activities is a permanent goal of our company. All our employees are responsible for the complete satisfaction of our customers, according to the quality system and specific procedures. 

All Energy’s quality is based on management centralized to the customer, the dynamics of action and rapid response, as well as social responsibility and the enhancement of its professionals.


All Energy is a company dedicated to detailed study on the development of energy from renewable sources. We can also offer services and supplies E & M for these various sources:


Brazil has few solar plants in commercial operation. All Energy believes in strong growth in the coming years. The abundant supply of aggregate sun to lack of rainfall and increased use of thermoelectric plants - expensive and polluting - is driving our energy matrix for the strong development of the solar industry in the country.

We are prepared to give our strong contribution to this market with our strong and traditional capabilities in service (erection, supply and project) as well as basic equipment supply by traditional partners.


Advances in aerodynamics and materials have led to the generation of electricity by wind turbines economically at competitive costs. Wind energy is a renewable source that produces clean energy - without any emissions and no hazardous waste.

Wind power is renewable, reliable, and efficient, is also associated with few adverse environmental effects, and aids in reducing our contribution to global climate change.

We are ready to supply BOP services and equipment associated to engineering and commissioning for all Wind Parks.


Energy that is generated by decomposition of organic materials, garbage, biomaterials and mainly wood chips are a strong source for renewable energy. It is transformed into energy through combustion processes.

Biomass energy is renewable and helps in reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. Furthermore, there is a utilization of waste in production, reducing the amount of waste in landfills.

By means of strategic long-term partnership with traditional EPC supplier of thermal biomass EPC supplier, we are ready to supply EPC solutions and Turn-key projects.

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